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An EU supported home equity scheme to accelerate energy renovation of the private housing stock

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Rapport commandé par l’Institut des démocrates européens et mis en ligne le 18 décembre 2019.

Though being an important source of GHG emissions, residential buildings are not being renovated at the pace required for the EU to reach climate neutrality by 2050. This paper argues for the creation, at the level of municipalities, of EU-supported home equity release schemes in order to accelerate renovation, densify housing areas and provide support to low-income, aged homeowners-occupants.

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Nowe Spojrzenie na Polskę

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Essai rédigé en avril 2019 pour le concours “Nowe Spojrzenie na Polskę” (Un regard neuf sur la Pologne) organisé par la fondation Batory et le collectif Kultura Niepodległa.

Jaka jest Polska?“, brzmi tytuł akcji prowadzonej przez Fundację im. Stefana Batorego i Kulturę Niepodległą na stulecie niepodległości. Być może ściślej byłoby ją nazwać “Jacy są Polacy?“, ponieważ zarówno w sondażu reprezentatywnym, jak i w otwartym quizie internetowym, Polacy byli przede wszystkim pytani o siebie, a w mniejszym stopniu o to, jak sobie wyobrażają Polskę jako państwo lub grupę współobywateli.

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An open global partnership for an international sustainable development agenda


Essay selected for the semi-final phase of the Global Challenges Prize 2017: A New Shape – Remodelling Global Cooperation.

The submission calls for the recognition of the enhanced role of non-state actors in international affairs by starting eight sectoral platforms corresponding to the aspects of Agenda 2030. Drawing on existing international structures, membership in a Global Partnership would be open to all actors having real expertise in the specific area, regardless of their nature. Each platform identifies the goals its sector needs to meet. By working concurrently on several projects on the platforms, actors would develop synergies and identify best practices thanks to a large “project library” drawing from the power of big data. The Platforms and the database are to be financed by more efficient resource coordination through the platforms, voluntary contribution and by the institution of a global tax, e.g. on carbon.

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